Privacy Policy

Explanation of contents

In some cases we will ask you to supply personal information (name, telephone number, credit card number etc) so that you can use the service that we offer on our website. This service includes options to receive newsletters and to register interest in our projects.

When you enter your particulars in the various fields, you make it possible for us to give you the service that you want. Every time that you provide us with information Oscar Properties will handle it in accordance with the appropriate legislation.

All information that you supply to us will be used solely by Oscar Properties. We will never pass it on to any third party without your permission unless there is a legal obligation for us. We will store the information in our system for as long as you are using our services, and when we no longer need the information in order to give you the service you want, the information will be removed from our system.


When you visit a website your computer will automatically receive a cookie. Cookies are text files which identify your computer in our server. Cookies do not identify the individual user but only the computer. Many websites use cookies every time anyone visits the website in order to be able to collect information about the number of visitors.

Cookies collect information about which pages are visited by the computer and for how long. As the user of your computer, you can choose, via your computer’s settings, either to accept cookies, to receive a message when your computer receives a cookie, or not to accept cookies.

Each time you visit our website, a cookie is downloaded to your computer together with the page. We, and most other websites, do this because cookies enable us to see whether the computer has visited our website previously. All information that we obtain via cookies helps us to give you better service. For example, if you looked for information about projects on your first visit to our website, we are informed about this via your computer’s cookie and can take you direct to new projects etc this time [*1].


We may make changes to our policy in the future. The most recently updated version will always be available on our website so that you always know what types of information we are collecting and why.