Oscar Properties was founded in 2004 with the vision of creating unique, architect designed, creative and modern homes based on the history of each building. Modern design, architecture and an unerring feel for how people want to live their lives today, have been at the heart of Oscar Properties identity ever since.


—Oscar Engelbert, CEO & Founder

From the very start, Oscar Properties has developed a series of highly acclaimed residential new build and conversion projects. A building with the Oscar Properties signature can be an entirely new development or an older building we breathe new life into, such as a school, factory or post office. A common denominator of all Oscar Properties developments is a focus on stylistically pure aesthetic values, innovative solutions, art and service that make everyday life simpler and more convenient for the residents. Via powerful living concepts, designed by leading architects in Sweden and the world, the company is a contributory factor in renewing the city landscape.

About Oscar Properties

”Oscar Properties was founded in 2004 with the vision of creating modern homes that are so unique, people actively research an Oscar Properties development when choosing a new home.”


The very first Oscar Properties project was a former post office building on Fridhemsgatan in Stockholm's Kungsholmen district. Oscar Engelbert had spent a lot of time in New York in the 1990s where he witnessed how industrial buildings in Soho were being converted into loft apartments. He thought the same could be done in Stockholm and he was proved correct. The year was 2004 and there wasn't even a market for a new kind of living at the time. His daring initiative proved successful and the post office building on Fridhemsgatan that was given the name Posthornet, attracted tremendous attention, from both potential buyers and other stakeholders. It became clear that there was a demand for homes that focused on design and architecture, far from the standard solutions then offered by the market. After Posthornet, Oscar Properties implemented a series of heralded development projects such as Luma, Stråhattsfabriken, Ateljéhuset, Chokladfabriken, Karlavägen 76, Biografen and HG7. Each project was given its own identity that contributes to creating a strong brand that revolves around architecture, design, service and the living experience. Oscar Properties aims to create homes that are so unique, people actively seek out an Oscar Properties development when choosing a new home.

Via innovative architecture and carefully considered design solutions, the company is contributing to creating iconic Stockholm landmarks of the future, such as Gasklockan, Norra Tornen and 79 & Park, for example. Since its inception, the company has expanded vigorously such that Oscar Properties is now established in both Greater Stockholm and in selected locations in other big city areas in Sweden. The various skills sets of all the company's employees are assembled under one roof. Demand for housing based on an understanding of how people want to live today remains strong and via innovative thinking and total commitment, Oscar Properties aims to always offer the best and most desirable products on the market that home buyers can be proud of. Our project portfolio consists of 4,040 homes including 1,116 currently in production. Oscar Properties acquires, develops and markets properties in attractive big city locations with the longterm strategy of engaging in both new build and conversion developments plus property management.