Karlavägen 76

Karlavägen 76 on the corner of Grevgatan is Oscar Properties idea of high quality living. The prospects of making Karlvägen 76 housing that truly enhanced quality of life were – very largely thanks to the building’s location – good. The building is situated where Karlavägen meets Grevgatan, a stone’s throw from Karlaplan with the esplanade right outside the windows. The location speaks for itself: Djurgården just a short walk away. Stureplan is just as close in the other direction and Fältöversten with all possible amenities, including one of the best food stores in Stockholm, is the other side of Karlaplan. Karlavägen 76 also nestles between some of the most beautiful apartment buildings in Östermalm. Under the management of Oscar Properties, the property will regain its place among the turn of the century buildings here and once again breathe life into the Karlavägen–Grevgatan intersection. Homes should naturally be in tune with the location and here was an opportunity to create classic turn of the century dwellings, anno 2012. The bathrooms are finished in Carrara marble, Italian porcelain and with freestanding baths. Many apartments also have a bathroom window. Turn of the century elegance is referenced with ceiling roses, high plinths and mirror doors. Classic white walls and woodwork plus pale, white pigment oak floors give the rooms a harmonious tranquillity. The specially designed kitchens have Carrara marble splashbacks and an old fashioned corridor layout. The kind of modern turn of the century living Karlavägen 76 offers is hard to find. And a modern turn of the century home that is optimally planning is absolutely unique. We have separated private spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and WCs from the social areas that are more open. By so doing, we have created varied accommodation where aesthetics, comfort and practicality all have the same high priority.