This factory along the banks of Järlasjön was built in1888 for Joh. Wideqvists Läder- och Remfabriksaktiebolag. Its principal business was manufacturing drive belts for industry. Oscar Properties have converted the factory into homes in partnership with some of Sweden’s foremost architects. We kept industrial features such as visible sprinklers, iron beams and pillars. Glazed sections were re-used and married with warm materials and solutions such as wooden floors and built in book shelves.

The high ceilings meant several apartments could be given a loft, a solution that not only frees up valuable space, but also adds character. An industrial feel is kept with the open plan freestanding kitchen with fridge and oven in stainless steel. If you cast your eyes upwards, you will see beams and the underside of plank flooring from the loft above. The bathrooms are a combination of large matt black and white sheeting. The porcelain is a modern take on a rustic, elegant 1920s bathroom, often found in New York hotels and restaurants. A tonality and style that matches the Läderfabriken architecture perfectly. Large industrial windows frame the entire building. Many of the apartments have their own private partly sheltered outside space with water views. 

In partnership with Fabege, Oscar Properties developed 55 apartments, from 19 square metres to 145 square metre penthouse apartments with terraces and uninterrupted views over the water. The building also has facilities that are unique for an apartment block: gym, mini cinema, playroom for kids and dog groomers.