Nybrogatan 57

As with all Oscar Properties projects, it felt important at Nybrogatan 57 to preserve the history and mid 1930s architecture. Both the façade and the pale blue balconies have been renovated in line with Erik Lallerstedt’s original concept. Inside the apartments, the walls, doors, linings and strips are white while the floor and cabinet doors are made of white pigment oak. We wanted to create a soothing background palette that works whether you furnish your home with modern design classics or in a cosier style.

We have added wood fixtures to this pale background in the form of built in shelves and associated sideboard. An incredibly felicitous solution that is both beautiful, practical and gives the room character. Good natural light makes an enormous difference to the feeling of satisfaction. At Nybrogatan 57, we have invested even more time and energy to design several different, smart light sources. The idea is that home-owners will then add their own table and floor lighting without needing to fit an unnecessarily large number of ceiling lights. Really good lighting works exactly like natural light, you don’t notice it, but it is crucial to the room’s ambiance. Caring about every last detail is important.