Posthuset on Fridhemsgatan was built in 1938 to the design of Erik Lallerstedt, one of the leading architects of the time who was behind most of the Swedish Post Office buildings - including here at Nybrogatan 57, another project with the Oscar Properties signature. The staggeringly beautiful post buildings from that era possess great potential for conversion to modern homes with plenty of soul. The original property had large roof terraces and the generous light flow of the functionalist architecture was obviously a quality we wanted to perserve as best we could in the renovation. Open plan layouts and high ceilings that are complemented in certain apartments with loft solutions is a consistent theme for the homes. Just a stone’s throw from Norrmälarstrand, it boasts one of the most attractive locations on Kungsholmen. We have added another storey, partly to give the building a contemporary touch, but also to ensure the views over the classic Stockholm skyline along with Rålambshovsparken and Västerbron do not go lost. The cultural heritage listed stairway with its restored colour scheme is another valuable feature in this new apartment block.