Primus Park

In a west-facing park with a view over the water at a beach on Lilla Essingen, Oscar Properties is planning construction of nine buildings. Each building will have a unique character, and they are being designed together with four hand-picked architect firms. The project, known as Primus Park, will include around 450 timeless designer homes. The location has a unique central location characterised by both close proximity to classic urban neighbourhoods and to Lake Mälaren. There are beaches and walking paths just around the corner.

Primus Park offers carefully selected common areas and spaces. Some of the facilities being planned include a waterside restaurant and a preschool. Walking paths along the water’s edge, bathing beaches, a marina, close proximity to transport options and public piers will help make these the best homes in the area.

Oscar Properties World

Oscar Properties World is a platform in app format packed with functions and services designed to make your home living experience even better. By continuously developing our range of services, we aim to make everyday life simpler and easier for our clients. From 2018, everyone who moves into an Oscar Properties home can access the platform.




The solution to todays e-commerce problem: package handling. Oscar Properties World accepts deliveries to residents instead of them having to go to a collection point or stay at home and wait for a delivery.


A chat forum in Oscar Properties World opens up the building and creates a sense of community and a communication channel for residents. Important messages and information concerning the residents’ association and homes are also posted here.


Residents can get help with booking travel, restaurants, concerts and other culture events. 


Via the platform, residents can use voice control, for example, to raise or lower the volume and control other systems in their home.


Oscar Properties World has contracts with home cleaning, maintenance and repair companies. Via the platform residents can book services for their home, such as cleaning, maintenance and laundry services and source maintenance, repair and home improvement services.



Residents can do their bit for the environment and reduce their living costs by seeing how much electricity and water they are using. 


Every building and project will offer tailored products and services that make everyday life feel a bit more special. These can include exclusive offers from our partners within everything from subscriptions to cut flowers and culture events to the delivery of freshly laundered bedding.


The Oscar Properties Deli Concept is tailored to suit each project. Both residents and the general public can stop off at the Deli for simpler dishes to eat there or takeaway, and to shop in a smaller Whole Foods Market type store area. Home delivery service for ready meals and pre-ordered food boxes.


Manage bookings with a personal trainer, massages and other wellness services in house. An entirely new concept for group exercise classes, spa and other treatments are planned in several future projects.


Digital home folder where you can collate all information about your home and the building in one place.

Read about Oscar Properties World here.