Stråhattsfabriken, Rügheimer & Becker’s old straw hat factory, consists of three buildings, two former manufacturing premises and the third a typical turn of the century house – one of the most beautiful in Stockholm, we would gladly wager. Here in the Pagen district on Kungsholmen, Oscar Properties have built 39 apartments with 1 to 5 bedrooms. We have also ensured that every home, whatever the size, has something extra to offer. This can be your own private garden, a walk-in-wardrobe or twin terraces with views over the Kungsholmen rooftops. We usually describe Stråhattfabriken as decoratively modern or classic with a twist. Industrial elegance has also regularly found favour throughout this fantastic project. We stepped away from sterile white to something warmer and cosier when we chose colours and materials. Naturally, you will have to see and experience the results with your own eyes, but of course you are welcome to a sneak preview first. It is the architectural mix that makes Stråhattfabriken so fascinating and for Oscar Properties, preserving the respective original characters of the three buildings was self-evident. The stripped out factory buildings were taken back to the original exterior and the magnificent factory owner’s home facing onto Scheelegatan has regained its sheen. The apartments in the factory building have features such as steel beams, cast iron pillars, older lift doors, large industrial windows, heavy duty oiled wooden floors of oak and woodwork painted in a dark matt finish. The same tonality and style are repeated in the kitchens and bathrooms. The freestanding kitchens have been specially designed and manufactured by a joinery in Småland and the worktops are in Carrara marble. The apartments in the building facing onto Scheelegatan (also called the Becker House) have retained original features typical for that era and we paid due respect to the building’s cultural heritage listing in our renovation work. We would also like to mention the row of three pointed arch windows in one of the apartments. The Becker House offers traditional, or even dare we say conservative living that has been given an austerely modern injection of youth. The new kitchens are a good example of this. To give the decorative walls and ceilings breathing space, the kitchens are entirely freestanding. The cabinet doors have a traditional French look while at the same time they are handle free and meet every demand for modern functionality. In terms of style and idiom, the house bears a clear family resemblance to the other two Stråhattfabriken buildings. Not simply in terms of the colour chart, but also in choice of materials and layout. Pretty much every apartment in the Becker House has a balcony or terrace.